Reliable, Affordable, Transparent--What's Not to Like About L/Certified Lexus Models?

When you begin your search for a luxury vehicle in the Broken Arrow area, you may be limited in your search by the availability of high-end vehicles within your price range. Lexus models embody elegance, innovation, and high-performance, and when you consider L/Certified, you can add affordability to the list.

We provide a rigorously inspected selection of pre-owned Lexus models that give you the assurance of our all new inventory with a price comparable to our used inventory. Meet in the middle with L/Certified models that come packed with additional benefits for your peace of mind.

Bixby drivers might be thinking how will they know this vehicle won't break down on them or require some unforeseen replacement or repair? To put your mind at ease and provide you with a reliable vehicle, the certification process starts with a comprehensive 161-Point Inspection. From the glovebox light to the undercarriage, specially trained Lexus technicians carefully inspect every aspect of the pre-owned vehicle.

After the vehicle has passed inspection, the sense of security and reliability doesn't stop there. When the examinations and road-tests are completed, the vehicle is certified, but we offer additional benefits for the peace-of-mind of Owasso drivers. When the L/Certified Limited Warranty is complemented by the Basic Warranty, you will have up to six years of vehicle warranty coverage with unlimited mileage.

Another benefit you receive is Complementary Maintenance, which covers four factory-recommended services for two years or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first. If for some reason your vehicle does break down, with the Roadside Assistance app, you have another layer of security and assurance knowing that you can get either reimbursed for towing or have a Roadside Assistance provider help you.

Are you interested in exploring even more options that fit your budget? Our finance center can help you explore loan and lease options that serve you. So, come to our location in Tulsa to learn more about the benefits of owning an L/Certified vehicle.